web application firewall

What is a web application firewall and why does it matter?

The cyber criminals are all around us and they are trying to infiltrate as many websites as possible. They are always looking for the loop holes in our web applications and scanning them for vulnerabilities. As soon as they find any point from where they can exploit our web application, they won’t hesitate for a moment in doing so. Therefore, it is our duty to protect the integrity of individuals who are using our web applications and we all must assure that our website is protected. For that, we can use the web application firewall (WAF).

What is WAF?

WAF refers to web application firewall. It is a piece of program that is designed to protect our website from possible hacks. Much like the anti-virus programs and built-in firewalls that we have in our computers, there web based application firewalls are there to help us in protecting our web apps.

Often developed by the security companies, these firewalls come with a variety of features to guard our sites from unwanted access and to make sure that there is no leak of data from any side. As per the reports, hackers are now using the web applications to obtain data of individuals and in 2016, web app attacks accounted for 40% data breaches across the globe.

Why does it matter?

The firewalls coming from reliable sources, like positive technologies WAF, help in securing your website. It is programmed to detect numerous threats, including the zero-days and DDoS, to assure that your website does not go down due to any hack. Most of the time, the hackers are looking to obtain data and they turn to these sources because the web applications can provide them authentic information.

There are various types of attacks that your website can come across, including the client and the server side hacks. So, you got to add some protection against them and the conventional methods are not enough to guard the privacy of users who are using your web application. Therefore, to win the trust of users and to make sure that you have enhanced protection, you can make use of such firewalls.

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