Top 5 WordPress Maintenance Services To Consider For Saving Your Time

Thanks to WordPress, being the world’s most popular CMS (content management system), you don’t have to do just blogging on your WordPress website. From selling products to offering freelance writing services, WordPress has become a secure, solid and user-friendly platform. However, it takes a lot for running a successful website. I know it’s fun to tweak your design, sell products, create content and interact with others and earn money. But, the harsh truth is, there are many behind-the-scene tasks that are essential, just like a well-oiled machine. There is not much difference when you use wordpress.

Tasks such as back-ups, updating plugins and themes, security and database optimization these all play an important role in how well your site is going to work from inside out. If your site is stammering on the inside, I’m sure your audience will feel it on the outside one way or another.

Why Should You Consider these maintenance services?

If you’ve been running a WordPress based website for some time now, selling products, growing a large following or taking on new clients, wouldn’t you agree that it is easy to get acquire in those everyday activities and neglecting admin tasks like backups and security checks?


I see you’re nodding your head as a yes sign.

Now, consider wordpress makes these maintenance tasks easy to do on your own, would you consider paying some person for wordpress maintenance service?

Well for starters, you’ve been neglecting those easy-to-do activities. Secondly, outsourcing these tasks by hiring someone for wordpress maintenance services for your website can give you some time to focus more on fun stuff. And, lastly, if you’re not neglecting those activities, but enjoy doing them, at the end of the day they can be really time consuming. It doesn’t make any sense spending time doing admin work, when you can actually work on building up your business. This is where wordpress maintenance service comes into action.

To help you decide whether you might need to include this service into your monthly expenses, here are some tips on them to help you run your website.

WP Site Care: In 2012, WP site care noticed that their previous consumers were kept coming back for more help about their websites, so they come up with a monthly plan to accumulate those increasing requirements.

Hoping to offer website maintenance services that small businesses and professional bloggers can afford, WP site care introduced a whole host of things that could make your life easy. Things such as website assessment for security and speed issues, malware monitoring, daily incremental backups, SEO practices and impressive average turnaround time for 1 hour are the things that the consumers can expect.

Additionally, their new feature called walkie talkie recently launched in September to make communication between support team and customers more efficient. By using this feature, you can submit support requests via your wordpress dashboard.

WP Valet: The service team of WP valet is complete with strategists, developers, designers and website support valets providing ongoing migrations and conversions, security support, all wordpress theme/plugin updates, SEO recommendations and daily backups and restorations.

Unfortunately, there are no monthly plans as they require you to fill a questionnaire to understand your website’s requirements. They, then send a quote through email based on the answers you provided on the questionnaire and suggest an appropriate plan.

Final Thoughts: These services can be one of the best investments that you should put into your website budget. It is important that the behind-the-scene activities that are frequently neglected for many reasons get tended to. Backups, updates, security and general maintenance are what makes the actual foundation of your website. And, without those, you won’t be able to grow your success. Plus who would complain about extra free time you get right?

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