The Modern Classroom Revolutionized By Technology

Latest trends have shown that homework nowadays is taking a different format, mobile computing has snowballed a revolution and children are not using their conventional personal computers to connect to the internet anymore. Every child has access to a smartphone which is proving to be an accomplice they cannot keep aside. These developments give us an idea about the future of the modern educational scenario. All the subjects in our edification system such as Math, Chemistry, and Physics with topics like the periodic table have a very strong angle wherein technology can be applied to help students to learn better. So let’s get on with it and explore the various Edu-Tech technologies and trends that are revolutionizing the educational sector.

  • Mobile Devices and the Accessibility they provide:
    The modern society of students has an overwhelming access to smartphones. More than 85 percent of students of high school in developed countries have access to the internet through their mobile devices and the age bracket is going down with each passing year. The handheld mobile device has revolutionized the personal space and is forever evolving into something faster, smaller and cheaper.
  • Flashcards as a Teaching Tool:
    Although flash cards have been around for many years in traditional teaching world to teach languages and do vocabulary based exercises. Although digitalization of these flash cards has created a different dimension of learning tools. Multiple concepts can be explored through numerous mobile apps that give the scholars and tutor’s the power to construct flashcards whenever and wherever required with respect to their subjects. These applications give users the feature to share these flashcards with their peers and teachers.
  • Educating through Video Lectures:
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, now just imagine the novella a video can write help convey. Watching something engraves it in our mind and makes the content come alive. Some ways of which are through videos in which a tutor like is personally giving a monologue, videos in which graphics are animated to narrate a storyline. A newer form of videos in which an interactive format kicks in which helps the students be engaged in the content.
  • Instructional Social Media:
    Social Media has been the bull’s eye for many a flying darts of criticism in the recent times with parents and teachers opining about how the modern generation kids are enamored by the hook of social media. When the same energy is focused towards integrating the instructional classroom into the social media and it will give a fun twist to the whole scene. Tutors and students can interact in a different format and discussions amidst students themselves can be orchestrated in a way which can explore all the various facets of the point. Blogs can be used to post assignments, with the views increasing the confidence of the writer and the monitored comments giving the much-needed feedback to them.

These technological advancements are viewed by many as retarding factor to the growth of education. Not saying that there are no negatives to this encroachment of technology in our educational system would be far-fetched but it is all a matter of regulation. We all need sugar in our body to survive but too much of it can kill us too. Point being too much of anything is bad and thus it’s in the user’s hand to make a choice for themselves. For help content on learning topics like Chemical Reactions and more, check out our YouTube channel –


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