The Fastest Way to Save Money in Your Business

When you need to cut down on expenses and keep your business budget open for additional costs, the best option may surprise you. In fact, you can cut costs without having to reduce the quality of your client experience in the slightest, and the way to do that is through warm air hand dryers. The money you save simply by making this switch is already enough to encourage you to choose this option, but there are other benefits that make it even better.

It is no secret that hand dryers are far more cost-effective to operate than paper towels. The average hand dryer costs between .02 and .18 pence per dry, while paper towels cost 98% more per sheet at 1 pence each. That equates to just 20 pounds in hand dryer costs versus 250 pounds in paper towel costs. In fact, it takes more energy just to manufacture paper towels than it does to operate a hand dryer, and that does not include the price of producing pulp from trees and the chemicals used to make the paper towels.

Less Waste

Hand dryers also produce dramatically less waste than paper towels, and this is a bigger issue today than ever before with society being so focused on finding green solutions. Many companies that use paper goods in their restrooms get their most complaints about the state of the rubbish bins. Often, paper towels are strewn about the entire room, causing your business to look unorganised and unclean. Worse yet, some people choose to flush these towels down toilets, causing clogs that can produce thousands in damage. The money you spend paying someone to bag these towels, cart them, and truck them to a dump is too much to warrant using this obsolete method anymore.

Cost-Effective Installation

Switching to cheap hand dryers saves you money instantly. While it may be a small cost to order the dryers and have them installed, you immediately receive a return on your investment by no longer having to pay for paper goods. The money you save in all areas of this part of your business can total in the tens of thousands in little more than a year, something that many businesses take advantage of to put more of their budget toward other business costs.


Some people are afraid to touch even the door handle when leaving a restroom, and touching paper towels that have potentially been touched by dozens of other hands may be causing distress. For most toilet rooms, installing hand dryers gives the bathroom a cleaner appearance and helps guests to feel as if they can trust the surfaces, such as door handles. In addition, you take a serious step toward improving client experience by completely taking away the cause of most complaints in regard to your company’s cleanliness.

Keeping Up with the Future

Modern technology means you will always be looking for ways to improve your business. Start with small, cost-effective changes, such as new hand dryers. From there, you may decide to get an office refurbishment to give your employees a more comfortable and attractive environment. Whatever you do for your business, the difference one decision makes will be felt in the entire company.


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