Samsung is struggling for Samsung Galaxy S9

The last launched Note 7 didn’t do well for Samsung, and now everything is set for the Galaxy S9 launch. Recent Galaxy S8 would follow this launch.

Let’s discover about the Galaxy S9. For owners of small palms looks useful control function with one hand. Pressed three times on the “Home” screen and interface decreased, Moved to the left or right. The ability to appreciate the edge of the large owners is because, in spite of the large display, typing is quite comfortable and with one hand.

Greatly enhanced the sidebar Galaxy S9 edge. As before, it can be used to identify an incoming call. It lays down a smartphone display, and the side of the pulsating purple, orange, or even some color, letting the call boss, wife or mistress. In addition, now the machine has a full set of sidebar with a variety of panels that can turn over.

“Stretching” the panel of the right side wall can, for example, display a list of frequently used applications. Or news feeds, weather forecasts, stock quotes, and so on. D. Set an extensive Panel, plus, you can configure their position, size and transparency. Certain settings and programs can be set to automatically activate when you are in a particular place. For example, on the machine will reduce the brightness of the screen, turn off the sound, launch energy-saving mode and offer a list of applications notes, email, browser and a voice recorder. For the home zone can be configured completely different set of functions in Galaxy S9.

Of course, the Samsung did great job opportunities on the side faces. Here only we still think that the use of the panels is not as often as I would like to developers. For a start they need to learn to “pull”. If the motion is too fast, then you will most likely home screens. In this case the same conditions or quotation can be set in the form of widgets in Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Samsung redesigned almost all corporate applications and slightly redrawn interface, making it a little more airy and minimalist. It must be admitted that for the second consecutive year, the evolution of TouchWiz pleases for Galaxy S9.

In a box with test specimens we found Galaxy headphones and were delighted – though they look so-so, but in fact bundled with an expensive smart phone and headset should be a quality. Let’s just say, headphones, complete were strictly amateur’s deaf bass, as well as the almost complete absence of medium and high frequencies. Others will look for the nearest trash. So, Samsung Galaxy S9 should suffer serious improvements over the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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