It’s Time to Rent Cameras, Kits and Production Accessories

If you’re thinking about a post or live production project maybe you should consider renting equipment before buying.  With so many new exciting gadgets seemingly coming out every week, it’s hard not to get caught up in all the hype. Let’s be honest, cameras, camera kits, post as well as live production equipment can be very expensive to buy.  Likewise, video conferencing software, android apps, laptops and mobiles will also set you back quite a sum of money.

Thankfully, there’s the option of buying used mobiles and in terms of camera equipment and accessories, renting.  Find out more info online about how to rent what you need.

Don’t overlook the rental option

Many enthusiasts can’t resist the temptation of trying to make a professional quality video production like:-

  • A film
  • TV production
  • Web video
  • A wedding video
  • Capturing a special event on camera

To successfully carry out these types of projects you need to have the right equipment.  The camera and auto function aren’t enough on their own, there are many other tools needed such as:-

  1. Lenses
  2. Lens accessories
  3. Camera accessories
  4. Audio equipment
  5. Post-production and live production equipment
  6. Video and audio recorders
  7. Media equipment

Buying all of this type of gear will cost you quite a considerable amount of money so the best option is to rent. Check out camera hire Sydney to benefit from the latest rental equipment in all popular formats.  From a single camera shoot to full multi-media production studios, qualified, friendly staff can provide you with the right solutions for your requirements.

Camera and action

Renting affordable production equipment and accessories will mean you don’t have to worry about the cost.  There’s no need to watch your bank account dwindle away, not when reputable camera equipment rentals are so reasonable to hire.  What’s more, renting from reliable production equipment firms, specialists can help you choose the right tools for the job.  Enjoy using the latest state-of-the-art camera kits, video and audio recorders as well as, if required, EVS systems.

If you’re just starting out in production then you may be surprised at just how much equipment you will need.  It can be a major headache financially having to pay for items up front like:-

  • Audio gear
  • Lighting
  • Microphone accessories
  • Speakers
  • Mobile production systems
  • Video transmitters
  • Broadcast camera links
  • Wide angle converters
  • Video editing systems

There’s also the issue surrounding how to use different types of production equipment.  Renting will give you a chance to experiment with equipment while learning on the job, so to speak.  If you have limited experience in production or capturing a wedding on film, what could be better than renting? To start the ball rolling, so speak to an adviser today about:-

  • Equipment rentals
  • Project management
  • Live production systems

There’s plenty of help available and cost-effective equipment to rent.

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