Impact of Technology on Parenting

Every parent has a different style in raising a child. There are parents who are very strict while some are very flexible. There are also who are very overprotective and some are just giving their child too much freedom. The type of parenting and environment is crucial to the development of the child. It also has a huge impact on the behavior and habits.

With the advancement of the technology, information is easily obtained on the internet either if it is good or bad.  Since with the conveniences and accessibility provided by the internet, children are also exposed to negativity and might influence them. Regardless of the kind of parenting, due to the technology, parents should be wiser and strict on controlling the contents being accessed by their children.

The Bad Influence

The internet is a consolidation of information which can be accessible by everyone. Even a young child can access it with any gadget and see unfiltered contents if not supervised by the parents. Regardless the conveniences and advantages provided the internet, also becomes a medium for risk especially to younger audiences.

Even on Youtube alone, there are videos that can be categorized as a bad influence to children. There are Youtubers that uses bad language, violent scenes, and crazy antics as a form of entertainment to attract viewers. Most of them do not care about the impact of their acts on the viewers as long they profit from it. There are also adult websites that can be easily found with just a few clicks and illegal markets for drugs or other illegal substances.

Parental Control

With a vast medium to control, parents sought application that can block information that can probably harm their children. Parental block has been utilized to prevent content on TV that has sex scenes, violence, drugs, and other adult matters. The cable is easier to control since the providers understand the concerns of the parents and aware of the possible negative impact on the younger viewers.

Meanwhile, the internet is very huge and even with the help of the parental control application; it is still very risky for children to surf the internet without any adult supervision. Therefore, controlling the content of the internet might not totally prevent any type of negative exposures.

Changes in the Behaviours

In the current age of the technology, everyone has their own gadgets that can access the internet with ease. Children might end up picking up bad influences that can be problematic if not detected. Good examples are learning bad languages in some videos, altering their behavior to mirror someone they see on YouTube, unhealthy mindset if continuously being exposed to adult websites and searching illegal paraphernalia.

Even with strict supervision and aid of parental applications, parents are not always by their children’s side. They are busy working to support their daily living expenses. Also, children also need to go school at some point. Therefore, there are many chances that corruption and bad influences to creep in.

In extreme cases, when a huge change in the behavior in the child is observed and acts suspiciously, spying can be tolerated. There are spying applications that can be used to monitor any suspicious activity. There is also a product the claims to be the best sms spy app available in the market with functions to spy social media, texts, photos and GPS location. Even though, it is only advisable to be used as last resort. It is not a substitute for familial trust and social teachings that a parent can provide.

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