How Your Business Could Benefit From a VoIP System

If you are wondering about how your business could benefit from VoIP service, you are not alone. Many companies both large and small all over the world have already made the switch. But what makes a VoIP system so special? Here are just a few of the reasons why so many companies are now using a Voice over Internet Protocol system as their main form of communication.


One of the very best features regarding a VoIP system is that it costs much less than a regular landline or a mobile phone. When you are using a regular phone line, you will end up paying out more for each minute that you spend on the phone. But when you use a VoIP system such as those that may be used with CCMN Avaya phones, you are using the Internet instead of a telephone network and the only cost that you must pay is the price of your monthly Internet bill in most cases. Typically, most VoIP users can save as much as 40% on their phone bills when they make the switch.

Easy to Use

Businesses can keep the same phone numbers when they switch over to VoIP service even if they are relocating to other areas. That is because VoIP numbers may be delivered to any porting number by use of an SIP provider. Your VoIP company can provide you with a mobile phone and other resources that can help make relocating much easier as your number moves with you.

Plenty of Useful Features

Voice over Internet Protocol phone service includes many different modernised features that can help your employees communicate with one another more easily and allow you to improve your customer service techniques. You can enjoy extras such as video calls and video conferencing, high-definition voice calls, messaging services, and so much more. The VoIP system is constantly improving and more features are sure to be added to the top distributors as technology continues to advance. Many businesses allow their employees to take their business phones home with them so that they can take remote calls or stay in touch with clients while out of town. All incoming calls are automatically routed to the business phone so that workers will never miss an important message.

Excellent Support

Companies that provide VoIP service are effective in remote support since many of the components that they need are in their data centres. All maintenance jobs can be completed without any downtime and there is less infrastructure to deal with on-site so you don’t have to worry about cable clutter or dealing with technicians repairing your system while your employees are working.

Secure and Compliant Systems

A call that is made over a VoIP system can’t be intercepted by a PTSN wire, which can be tapped. If someone attempts to tap into a VoIP call, he or she would have to be on the premises to do so. This can be avoided with the help of on-site security and encryption solutions. This helps to ensure that all your company’s confidential phone calls will always remain confidential.

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