How to Use the Google Key Words Tool to Choose Domain Name

In addition to everything I said it would be good to use a help tool to give you more ideas to create a name for your domain name, and simple that is also optimized, that is, where the flow of people is always constant and loud.

There are more than one tool most recommend that you use Google Search Console, there you can search for words and see the number of the competition as well as the number of monthly searches. Apart from using Google Keyword or Google Search Console tool, you can check premium web domains for sale according to your niche.

In short, the strategy is to use the words that have the lowest possible competition, medium or low, but also have a good amount of searches done per month. To better understand how to use this tool I recommend that you search on YouTube, as there are excellent tutorials on this subject.

You also need to search to avoid URLs that infringe on existing business. Also avoid those that  are similar to popular domain names.

Learn how to register your own domain

To exemplify how to register your own “.com” domain, we will use Reg-names, a service where you can check if the domain name you want is available for use. It is also possible to register and pay the annual fees for the purchase of the desired domain.

The first step is verification. It is necessary to search if the desired domain has not yet been purchased by another user. On this page you can see a field to include the address you want to register. If the written domain has already been chosen, the service will show some options with the same address, changing only the website extension. (Ex: Instead of “.com” only “.net”).

The next step is to choose the desired plan (if it is for 1 year or more), and then the insertion of documents such as Identity, CPF or CNPJ, to complete the registration.

To complete your order, simply choose the form you want to pay and complete. By following these steps your domain will be reserved and at your disposal!

We’ve come to the end of our tips on how to choose a domain name for a blog, so please consider putting into practice all the tips recommended here, since they are essential when choosing a name for your domain. Click here to continue.

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