How to Get Valuable Feedback from Your Customers

It is no understatement to say that a business survives or dies on the strength of its knowledge of its customers. Before the Internet, there were very few ways for businesses to really engage and connect with their customers. Most of the available forms of communication with customers were expensive or just too difficult to implement, but things like social media have driven an entire culture of customer engagement that has resulted in many small and medium-sized businesses thriving and surviving in a world where economic volatility all too commonly takes its toll.

Why Engage with Your Customers?

In order for any business to thrive, it is also important for it to understand its customers. When a business can engage with, gain feedback from, and talk to its customers more directly, it can gain the following benefits:

  • Product research: In order for a company to come up with new and popular products, it must know exactly what its customers want. By being able to ask them directly, it is possible to gain valuable feedback that can save money and time. When money and time is saved, a business can thrive, even in a chaotic economic environment.
  • Behaviour: Do you know what your customers think about your brand? Are they aware of your new products? Are they telling their friends about your company and sharing your products? You won’t know any of this valuable information unless you can talk to your customers directly and engage with them either through social media channels or SMS campaigns.
  • Modification: If your customers have a problem with one of your products or with your business direction, how will you know? By gaining their feedback, you can fix customer relationship problems and adjust your brand and business direction accordingly.

The Beauty of SMS

While many modern businesses focus most of their marketing and customer engagement efforts on social media channels, the power and value of SMS should never be forgotten. Given that most people now have access to a mobile phone, why wouldn’t you choose to use the power of SMS to engage with your customers more directly? A customer can simply ignore a social media post, but if they receive an SMS from you, they are much more likely to read it and interact with you.

An effective enterprise SMS gateway for Malaysian companies offers all companies the chance to engage more directly and more easily with their customers. Such a system provides the following benefits:

  • Easy feedback where your customers can simply respond directly to an SMS
  • Flexible SMS campaigns that can include competitions, giveaways, polls, customer feedback, and interactive contests.

The measurable benefit of using SMS as a marketing and customer feedback channels instead of social media is that messages have a much higher chance of being read and acted upon. This means that SMS campaigns represent a much higher cost-to-results ratio for any business. The best enterprise-grade SMS campaign services offer an easy-to-use web interface, low-cost SMS messaging, rapid delivery, and high-level security.

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