Google Pixel 2: it’s official, it will be presented this year and will be resolutely high-end

Google has just announced through the voice of its product leader, Rick Osterloh that the Google Pixel 2 would be well presented this year. The firm also sweeps the rumors of a more affordable model since it indicates that the Pixel 2 will indeed be a resolutely top-of-the-range model. The good news is that there is a good chance that Google Pixel 2 will land in soon.

Yesterday, however, other information came from Japan. Inside the system files in its flagship smartphone HTC U11 found references to the new family continued Pixel. Just as the Pixel and Pixel XL were known by their code names S1 and M1, respectively, the system files are marked S2 and M2.

Google pixel 2 high range

Present at the MWC 2017, Google was rather discreet until the end of the show. On the last day, Rick Osterloh, a former Motorola CEO and now Product Manager responsible for hardware, spoke. He gave some indications on the next smartphone of the brand, the Google Pixel 2. For some time, rumors circulate concerning a more affordable, mid-range model that could see the light.

The framework of Google swept these rumors out of hand. While the firm just announced that it was abandoning Pixel computers, Rick Osterloh explained that the company was going to persist with high-end smartphones. The Google Pixel 2 will be resolutely top of the range. This does not take away the hope of seeing him land at a more affordable price.

For its first Pixel, Google had struggled to get enough OLED screens but this time the Silicon Valley giant did everything to make sure that it did not happen again. That’s why he reversed 1 trillion won (about 880 million dollars) in the department dedicated to the screens of LG, so that there is enough for all the world. We are almost sure that it is OLED screens, but the rumor speaks of flexible screens. Are these curved screens like the Samsung Galaxy S8? This remains a mystery.

Google Pixel 2: a very likely release

For the moment, we must admit that the first Google Pixel did not cause a sensation in few countries. And for good reason, they are only available in the United States. The main explanation is that the major asset of these pixels is the presence of Google Assistant, artificial intelligence of the American giant. But Google Assistant is currently only available in English and German.

But as we told you a few days ago, Google Assistant will arrive in few countries as of September 2017. With Google Pixels being presented at the beginning of the school year, the company is expected to extend the distribution of Google Pixel 2 to new countries. And that’s really good news.

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