Features of Famous TV Brands

The Television Guide describes various features of different brands of TV. It may include the size of screen, connectivity ports, display resolution, refresh rate etc. The unique features makes pricing of various TVs brand different depending upon the advanced or latest technology used, excellent features, qualities and its specialties. The LG LED TVs have various following features:

Features of Various TV Brands


                      Around 60% of all the TV sold in the market, have increasing number of units which have built in Wi-Fi in order to stream the content from the internet based programs such as Netflix, Hot star or Amazon Prime.

*Google Apps

                       The Google Apps run on operating systems like Android, Google etc. Variety of Apps can be downloaded by Smart Samsung TV.


                   By using Smart TV viewers can play many games and smart TVs also have mirror support which helps in beaming any smart phone content wirelessly.

* Social Networks

                 Viewers can now easily access the social networking sites like face book etc.

Online comparison of price, features, qualities, technology etc. adds the value to the time and money both of viewers as it saves time and money both of customers. There are many leading price comparison web sites of which customers can take help and surely it will help in hassle free shopping while sitting at home.

Work of Leading Price Comparison Websites

The work of leading price comparison web sites compares the product prices from top e stores. Their vision is to be the leaders in the comparison websites of online price by providing users with dynamic interface and mobile platforms in order to compare the prices and it leads to save money finally. It gives the latest updates with the live prices and deals rightly in the browser. The leading websites

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