Does a proxy server worthwhile to use? Find out here

For internet users, there are a lot of drawbacks that holds them back to whether or not use a proxy server or try another method in keeping their IP address hidden and secured.

Proxy servers is a huge trend in the world of the internet, why? This is because it has proven to be very effective in keeping a user’s identity particularly its IP address to be well-hidden and anonymous especially when it comes to browsing restricted sites in particular locations around the world, and in other aspects, proxy servers play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and security of an internal system or server.

This article from tubeunblock will help you learn more about the proxy server, and how it works on the internet.

First things first, you might be wondering what is a proxy server? In the technical term, it is called application-level gateway which is a server either from a computer or from an application that serves as a gateway between the local network and a large-scale network that operates anonymously or it is a server that acts as an intermediary between the user’s computer and the internet to prevent any system breach, identity theft, and ensures the privacy of the user’s location.

Proxy servers are categorized into different types; which are; forward, reverse, and open.

Forward-This is the standard category of a proxy server, its forward proxies’ server as the intermediary between your computer and a much bigger network.

Reverse- This type of proxy also serves as an intermediary between the internet and a smaller band of servers. Reverse proxies also serve as a gateway between the internet and a local area network (LAN) which is usually a corporation or a business.

Open- often called to as public proxies, this can be accessed by everyone online, and this is usually offered to everyone for free, that is why you might notice site unblockers that can be downloaded as an application or can be used online using Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A proxy server works when it serves as an intermediary between the user and the server. The user requests to the server to gain access to its network as the latter perform it on the user’s behalf while keeping it hidden and encrypted, or it gives an IP address which is just a decoy of the user.

Also, a proxy server is there to analyze its local cache to find out what particular web page the user wishes to visit without having to forward it back to the user, but to the internet. If it fails to forward the request to the local cache, the server will request the webpage that will be sent to the user, without using the user’s IP address.

Proxy servers act as the user’s behalf that is why its IP address will be used in behalf of the user making it appear as if the user is located from another place, thus, allowing the user to gain access to restricted sites.

Overall, proxy servers are very useful for web users who want to remain anonymous or wants to gain restricted sites in their country, and also, it is also very crucial in keeping an internal system safe and secured from external threats.  

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