Buy A Used Galaxy S7 Edge For Enjoying Its Remarkable Features

When the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 came into the market, they ware admired since they are at the top of Android Smartphone. They are also in the top of the consumer ratings. Both the phone have the best quality camera, dust and water resistance and also a microSD card slot to enhance the storage.

Some attractive software tricks are included in these phones to enhance the experience of the users. In this era everybody lures to have this phone but it might not permit everyone’s budget. It is possible to buy a used galaxy s7 edge online and save a considerable amount of money.

Let us share the best feature of this phone:

Wallpaper Motion Effect

Parallax effect was popularized along with iOS 7 in 2013. Since then Android apps are following the same functionality. Your Smartphone can already download an app. It is recommended to long press your home screen to make active the wallpaper motion effect on your Galaxy Smartphone. Choose wallpapers and toggle on wallpaper motion effect. Now enjoy the home screen with parallax effect.

How to Take Scrolling Screenshots?

Simply press and hold the home and power button simultaneously. This will help you get a screenshot automatically whatever is on the screen. A + sign will appear at the bottom right which denotes that you can capture more. You may tap this button to scroll the screen and the software will automatically join the pages together into a single image.

Adapt Sound for Improved Audio Quality

This is one of the best characteristics of Samsung S7 Galaxy Smartphone. Adapt sound feature will let you make your experience to own audio palette. It makes the headphone sound remarkably improved. You may buy a used galaxy s7 edge to enjoy the amazing features of this Smartphone.

Use Your Fingerprint to Log into Websites

The default web browser which is available with this Smartphone is enough fast. It also includes authentication of fingerprint for the websites that need a password. In this era, you may use this browser for everything. By this fingerprint sensor to sign into your bank account and other password protected sites, it keeps everything safe. It is possible to make your fingerprint security by go into settings, click on lock screen and security and then choose fingerprints.

Apps can be Moved to the SD Card

By inserting the SD card slot in this phone, storage can be expanded up to 200 GB. You may move your apps to the SD card. Just go to settings, then applications and then choose application manager.

Here all the installed applications on the phone will be shown. For an app to the SD card, select the app, then click on storage and choose change. A prompt will come into view and ask you for changing the storage location. You need to choose SD card.

By searching on the Internet, you can buy a used galaxy s7 edge and enjoy amazing features of this phone. It is the high time to discover the hi-end mechanics of the Smartphone.

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