A Glimpse into the world of Employee Tracking Softwares and their utility!!

Is your business suffering lately? Are you not able to meet deadlines or deliver projects to your clients? In between other loopholes it might be because of lower work productivity or negligence on the part of employees of your organisation

While, there is an HR department working within any corporate organisation, what do small organisations do? They can make use of employee time tracking app and online softwares that do the task of scheduling employee activities to Processing of Payrolls. Such application are very handy and also do not require spending bucks. Moreover, their customisable interface, easy to manage features and regular updates make it very easy to even use it on your smartphones and handheld devices.

The Time Clock genie is one such all in one multi utility application that would ease up the task of employee scheduling while you login to your accounts staying online.

With its diverse functionalities, you get to use the following through it:

  • Employee scheduling is a matter of steps!!

Get hold on your employees by making them stick to a regular schedule! Yes, you can monitor if they are sticking by it or not by customisable scrutiny features. From payroll processing to planning important meetings to managing leave request, the presence of an employee tracking app would ease up the workflow in the office.

  • Time Clock that works online

The time clock is reliable and 100 percent accurate. Employees can make use of it to assess their work productivity. Managers can get notifications in case an employee is deviating from his schedule, while employees can get reminders and warnings to gear up and work towards completing their deadlines.

  • Payroll management

This is one of the crucial tasks that can become smooth and easy for the accounts department via presence of online software that does the same. From calculating gross pay scale, to leave deductions to calculating work productivity, the application would help in creating comprehensive reports ready for print within a matter of minutes!

  • Notifications and Alerts via Clock Shield

Not only the application ensures to schedule your work but also makes sure you stick to it via its advanced clock shield feature responsible for sending real time alerts, SMS’s and notifications every time you deviate or lag in your targets. From on time, early to late customise the clock shield to track your work efficiency.

  • Mobile Connectivity and Support

With growing dependence on smartphones, the application provides an easy method to move the functionality down to your phones, tablet or any other digital gadget. Moreover, by adjusting your mobile settings you can track your account, review updates, add mileage and even get notifications while on the go!

  • Control Panel Settings

The applications user friendly interface, smart features and simply easy to access design make it one of the best employee time tracking app that works online. The employees can make the best use of it by customising settings in the control panel and then using it to evaluate reports, meetings and appointments.

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